Sat, 03/07/2020 to Mon, 09/07/2020



Works by artist Kevin HEES from the AKT Series. AKT, stands for Acceptance, Kindness, and Tolerance. Painted during the global lockdown period of the corona virus in 2020.

Inspired by world events, AKT reminds us that humanity can only survive if we take AKTion to Unite and Elevate ourselves and our society for the collective good.

AKT features a new take on HEES's traditional HEES mark, consisting of the Circle and 3 Lines. The circle represents the soul, the universe, and totality. While the lines represent the human pursuits of Health, Wealth & Happiness. The combination of the soul and the pursuits is life itself.

Upward-pointing arrows remind us to Unite and Elevate our energies as a collective. Layers upon layers of color show windows deeper and deeper within each work. Scattered with inspirational words of power, the universal number 7, mathematical equations for life, DNA, laws of physics, and so on.

In AKT, we take AKTion, we are reminded. We express ourselves, and feed our souls with cosmic energy. We elevate our minds and bodies, we inspire.

PARIS 2020

Tue, 03/03/2020 to Sun, 08/09/2020


"PARIS 2020"

At the start of 2020, Kevin HEES was only just emerging in the American art world, and even lesser-known in the International scene.

However, in a few short months, his paintings had landed themselves in some of the most prominent collections in the United States. Quickly discovered and devoured by savvy art connoisseurs from Los Angeles, New York, and Palm Beach; it was only a matter of time before HEES made his way to Europe.

At the invitation of our esteemed partner and early patron Eleonora Grosso, HEES began a series of canvases in the French capital in March of 2020. Interrupted by the global pandemic, months went by as paint and canvas sat idol, and HEES was forced to return to the United States.

Finally completed during the summer, the "PARIS 2020" exhibit encompasses HEES's wide range of artistic styles. From his early "Pillars", to his acclaimed "AKT" circles, and even his new "Abstracts" color-blocks; a series unique to Paris.

Grosso's experience and taste in art is formidable, and her eye for talent exceptional. These works, titled "PARIS 2020" are those curated in collaboration with the Grosso family, and reside in their historic Paris residence for view and consideration by our venerated collectors.