About Us

Aktion Art is a full-service art gallery, advisory and dealership specializing in a wide array of works, ranging from emerging contemporary names to museum-quality artists. Founded by Nick Hissom and his partner Kameron Ramirez, their combined experience in art and entertainment is unmatched, spanning more than two decades.

Together, Nick and Kameron have created and curated a plethora of triumphant art experiences. Previous successful shows include "Master Works" by Roy Lichtenstein and "Generations: Basquiat x Warhol".

Aktion Art have been able to identify and foster extraordinary artists early in their careers by applying their eye for talent, style and eminence to the contemporary art world. Artists they have nurtured range from ThankYouX to Kevin HEES to Connor Addison, to name but a few.

Nick’s background and experience gives him rare insight and advantage into art collecting and management, thanks to his lifelong involvement with Wynn Fine Art, his family’s business. The stepson of respected art collector and real estate developer Steve Wynn, Nick spent his childhood surrounded by some of the world's most celebrated and valuable art, growing up among works by Picasso, Bacon, Matisse, Warhol, Basquiat, Van Gogh and more. He brings valuable personal experience and expertise on real life management and appreciation of world-renowned pieces.

Aktion Art uses their global network of unparalleled sources to build envious art collections and widen portfolios for their esteemed clients, providing invaluable advice and an unlimited amount of resources. At the center of everything happening in the art world, Aktion Art invites collectors to join them to discover their special and rarified universe.

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Giving Back

Charity is a founding feature and crucial tenet of Aktion Art. Our business supports a wide range of organisations including Unicef, AmFar, Pulse One and MA Helps Medical Missions, and sponsors multiple children to give them access to clean water and an education via Children International. We also work with individual projects on a case-by-case basis through charities such as Make-A-Wish and St. Jude. Our focus is on providing medical aid and necessities to those who need it, with an emphasis on children and the LGBTIQA+ community.