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Aktion Art is an international fine art gallery, agency and art investment advisory. Representing the world's leading artists and their collectors, Aktion Art is a global network of creative individuals who are aligned through their passion for art and lifestyle. ​Founded by Kameron Ramirez and Nick Hissom, of Wynn Fine Art, Aktion Art showcases and invests in both emerging and the most established artistic talent, presenting on international platforms to an exclusive group of clients who are truly passionate about fine art. ​With galleries and offices in London, New York, Palm Beach, Beverly Hills and Las Vegas, Aktion Art and their artists and clients represent a world of limitless possibilities.

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Sublime Existence

Connor Addison

Palm Beach
October 1st - November 15 2021

Emerging from Connor’s background in philosophy, Sublime Existence seeks to depict the human perspective in conversation with the sublime experience of life itself. Works resemble theatrical stages on which figures interact with their own life experiences of love, fear, emotion, dreams, challenges, and lessons, set within other-worldly environments. Through this, there is a sense that regardless of our limitations and vulnerabilities as human, our experiences of love, freedom, and life are deeply meaningful. Living life itself, existing in itself, with all of its triumphs and tribulations, is to each of us, uniquely beautiful, uniquely sublime.

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