Our Artists

Connor Addison

As the son of interior designers, Connor developed a strong interest in draftsmanship, architecture and art from an early age. Teaching himself photography and painting, he studied Fine Art at Central St Martins, London, one of the world’s top art schools whose alumnae boast Jarvis Cocker, Richard Hamilton and Alexander McQueen to name a few. In search of further technical vigor in his artistic practice, he went on to study politics, philosophy and economics in the city where his parents met: Manchester.

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Kevin HEES

Kevin HEES is an American, self-taught artist who's work specializes in themes of healing, eternity, and the divine human pursuits of HEALTH, WEATLH, and HAPPINESS.Born 1962 in Corpus Christie,Texas, HEES began his career as a painter, makeup artist, hair artist, photographer, brand consultant, and producer. During his 30 year career in fashion and photography he worked with some of the world's biggest brands such as; Annie Lennox, Kelly Clarkson, Ralph Lauren, Justin Timberlake, & Calvin Klein. His collaborations with supermodels include Jordan Dunn, Joan Smalls, Simon Nessman, and Linda Evangelista, to name a few. However, his art always remained his passion, and dearest to his heart throughout his life.

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ThankYouX (Ryan Wilson) began his artistic journey on the streets of Los Angeles spray painting stencils in homage to Andy Warhol. While these signature stencils were his initial calling card, they were only scratching the surface of his multifaceted artistic identity. As his level of notoriety expanded, the nature of his expression evolved to modern abstract designs that stand in contrast to the more conventional graffiti-inspired street-art paradigm. His unique aesthetic has captured attention of the art world and earned international acclaim. Inspired by the pop-tropes and bright colors of that NYC graffiti scene, ThankYouX has exhibited paintings and sculptures in London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Hong Kong.

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