The Early Works

Kevin HEES
December 2019 - December 2020

Featuring the first ever created works by American artist Kevin HEES, born 1962 in Dallas, Texas, this series of black ink on arches paper works introduce HEES' concepts of spirituality, humanity, and his intentions of health, wealth, and happiness.

Characterized by the circle and 3 lines, forming the HEES Mark, the circle represents the soul, the universe, and the circular nature of all things, including life itself; while the 3 lines represent health, wealth, and happiness, the artist's intentions for his own life, and for that of the viewer.

The penultimate work of the exhibit, featuring gold motif, is a towering 6x6 canvas titled H.O.P.E, a literal acronym for the meaning of the word hope itself, Hold On, Pain Ends.