Kevin HEES
March 2020 - June 2020

Painted during the first global lockdown during COVID-19, AKT stands for Acceptance, Kindness, and Tolerance, things artist Kevin HEES believed the world most needed at the time. With turmoil, and panic ensuing all around us as humanity scrambled facing the pandemic, HEES painted away at his studio, hoping his message of unity and inspiration would resonate.

Inspired by Master Works seen during his travels as an artist, from Jean-Michel Basquiat to Rothko, AKT compromises a series of 8 canvases, and multiple iterations of paper works which parlay innovative and vibrant swaths of color with scientific and spiritual belief. Works from the series are inspired by Sound, Light, and Form, which in combination with the soul (represented by the circle) are what creates ART.

A formative and major breakthrough for the artist, the AKT series remains one of the rarest and most in-demand, with works sought by collectors all over the world.